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Covid-19: CBC Update 3/24/20

We trust the online service was a blessing to you Sunday. This Sunday, expect a similar time of worship, prayer, and preaching.

We understand some of you may have had difficulty downloading and/or opening the bulletin last week. We will attempt to make that simpler for you this week.

Please ask for help if you need it (from the office, pastors, deacons, or someone you know who can help):

  • If you weren't able to access the online service

  • If you weren't able to download the bulletin

  • If you need help navigating the technology

  • If you don't have regular internet access to watch online services

If you know of someone who needs help, please let us know. If you know someone who doesn't have internet access, doesn't get these emails, or who might not be able to navigate the technology that we are now using, please consider how you could help, or please help them get in touch with us.


Midweek Online

We will meet again for midweek classes online tomorrow night. We are hopeful that this will keep discipleship going and also give an injection of biblical truth and fellowship into some crazy times we are experiencing.

You can access the online classes at 6:30pm at these links:


Other Details

In addition to our regular services and ministries that have been cancelled (or adjusted), we want to make sure you know that other scheduled events have been cancelled/postponed:

  • The YT Event Nerf Wars (4/3) is cancelled.

  • The Baby Shower for Emily Sloan (4/4) will be rescheduled.

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