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Covid-19: CBC Update 3/27/20

We look forward to joining you online again this Sunday. Pastor Scott will be preaching from Psalm 139.

While not being able to have our normal services together in person, our adjusted services are-- if you hadn't noticed-- a little different. We are including more congregational singing than normal-- music has a special way of encouraging our hearts in challenging times. We also want to give you time to pray with whomever you are watching with and you can share and comment what you are praying for while you watch. And while the sermons may be a little shorter-- it is harder to pay attention for long with the distractions of toys and whatever else is around you-- we still trust in God's sufficient Word to speak to us, to pierce our hearts, and to feed us. 

We are also working to have these things prepared in advance, to avoid the potential hiccups of live and, because we still have restrictions on gathering in too large of a group, we are utilizing a minimal group to prepare music, preaching, video, etc. Those of you scheduled as a musician or soundbooth operator for these services-- we will get back to the normal schedule when we are able to get back to normal services.


During the quarantine and shutdown, many people have found themselves with extra time on their hands. Maybe you haven't-- this is affecting everyone differently. But in response to this, many things are now being shared for free, and we have begun to collect some of the best (we think) for you. Maybe you need some extra ideas of things to do with your kids, maybe you don't. Maybe you want them (or you) to watch something other than just Netflix. Maybe you need some ebooks to read, since you can't go to the store. Check out these resources!


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