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Covid-19: CBC Update 4/17/20

In this update:

  • Sunday Service

  • Local Love: HCHC Coffee

  • When This Is All Over...

Sunday Service This Sunday, Pastor Scott will continue preaching about Christ in this Crisis— how He has set us free to serve others. Remember to download and print the Bulletin if you would like to take notes as you follow along. Also, please remember to view the Prayer Guide in your CBC Email, so that you can keep up to date with what to pray for each other. Bulletin

Also, we will be singing a new song together this Sunday. 'Christ Will Be My Hideaway' was written recently in response to this pandemic crisis, and is based on Psalm 91. We encourage you to listen to the song and, even more, to read and pray Psalm 91.


Local Love: HCHC Coffee As we mentioned Tuesday, we would like to show love to our community and, specifically the healthcare workers. Next Wednesday, we will sponsor free coffee for all HCHC workers. If you would like to participate in this, you can designate your (some, or extra) giving towards this. You can do this with our online giving platform also, by selecting 'Local Love: HCHC Coffee' in the drop down box.


When This Is All Over... While we are still going week by week, observing the effects of the pandemic on the world and our community, we are beginning to make plans for how to transition back to the regular ministries of the church. As we evaluate the different perspectives, the government regulations and recommendations, the individual and community risks— we ask you to pray for us. 


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