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Covid-19: CBC Update 5/15/20

In this Update:

  • Sunday's Service Online

  • Coming Back From Covid: Start Date for Step 1

  • Video: Jackie Hill Perry on Jude

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

Sunday's Service Online

This Sunday, Pastor Scott will direct us to 1 Corinthians 8 to consider the differences we may have with others, especially the many opinions and concerns with Covid.

"If anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know." 1 Corinthians 8:2


Coming Back From Covid: Start Date for Step 1

By God's grace, and as He wills, we plan to start live services May 31! Hopefully, you are looking forward to gathering again in fellowship and worship!

We are prepared to take Step 1 of our Coming Back from Covid plan. Thankfully, it does seem that the community risk is going down, so we will plan services with new health precautions. Please see our guide if you haven't yet.

While it does seem that community risk is going down, we also know that risk is still

very real for many people.

We are making plans for the church as a whole, but there are many decisions you will need to make individually/as a household. We strongly encourage you to wisely consider when it would be best for you to return and consider the fact that it might not be right away. We miss you, and we also want you to wisely steward your health. See the recent Pastor's Roundtable- How Should You Prepare?

And while we are making these plans, we must humbly acknowledge there is much we don't know, and our plans need to continue to be subject to God's will. Please stay tuned as we keep monitoring our community, state, and national dynamics and restrictions. 

Stay tuned for upcoming Pastors' Roundtable videos, discussing the other things to consider about Coming Back from Covid.


Video: Jackie Hill Perry on Jude

Ladies, you may be encouraged by this video of Jackie Hill Perry discussing the book of Jude. Before the pandemic, the Ladie's GIFT was beginning a study of Jude from Jackie Hill Perry.


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