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Covid-19: CBC Update 5/31/20

In This Update:

  • Sunday's Worship Service: Sermon Series | Not Easter

  • The Future of Emails


Sunday's Worship Service Live (in person) and Live (streaming online)!

Sermon Series This Sunday, Pastor Scott will begin a series on the book of Nehemiah-- no, a different series! Because he was unable to finish the Sunday Night series of Nehemiah he began earlier this year, he will take a look at the book of Nehemiah through the lens of  the many transitions we are going through and which will be coming for us as a church. Not Easter When the Covid shutdown prevented us from having a full Easter celebration, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the first Sunday we got back together. However, because this first Sunday will still see many people unable to come,  we will look for a time later in the year to plan a full Easter celebration.


For those coming in person, please remember some of the changes we have put in place, and be observant to the changes when you get here.

We don't want the precautions to overshadow the Body of Christ getting back together, but we do want to be careful

You can come in more than just the main door, to avoid too much congestion. Try the fellowship hall door or the mailbox door.

The south wing, along with the south door, will be closed. The handicapped parking spots are still available, and you may enter through the main door.

To avoid handling materials, bulletins-- and communion this week!-- will be available for you to pick up on tables in the foyer, along with Bibles, pens, offering envelopes, etc. You can also pick up a mask if you need one.

Be prepared to sit in a section available in the auditorium, or at one of the tables in the fellowship hall if the auditorium in full.


Future of Emails As we Come Back from Covid, we will begin transitioning to regular email updates. Next week, we will not have a Tuesday email update. Fridays we will keep providing bulletins, including the Prayer Guide and the News & Notes. If/when there are significant updates relating to Covid (or otherwise) that can't wait until Friday emails or Sunday announcements, we send out a special email update.


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