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Covid-19: CBC Update 3/31/20

As we approach April, we aren't quite certain what is in store. In general, we expect that we have our restrictions on meeting extended until the end of April. Lord willing, we will know more by the end of the week-- look for our Friday update. 

In this email:

  • In case you missed it this past week

  • Communication in the time of Covid

  • CBC Online Schedule

  • Midweek Online

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

In case you missed it this past week:

Communication in the time of Covid

As we keep working primarily through our digital means to communicate with you and do what we can do as a church, we want to make sure you know what, how, and when all of this is taking place.

We are using our website as the main tool of getting information to you. Everything you will need to know about things happening during this pandemic will be found on our website*. Email updates are posted on our website, so that you can see everything that we have communicated, even if you delete an email. The videos we create and upload to YouTube are posted on the website. The updates and videos we share on Facebook come from our website.

*The only think that will appear in email updates and not on the website is our weekly prayer guide (personal requests that may not need to be public)

If you need help finding your way around our website, look at these guides (click image to enlarge). The home page has links to the most important information you will need to access.

If you click on the link for Covid-19 Updates (or navigate straight to you can still access the most important information, including additional resources.

CBC Online Schedule

Remember, we will be providing regular updates (email & website) every Tuesday and Friday. We will be posting devotional videos every day (website, YouTube, Facebook). Wednesdays and Thursdays we will be hosting Midweek Online classes (via Zoom; see below). And every Sunday at 10:30am we will have a Service Online for you to watch with music, prayer time, and a sermon (website & YouTube).

Midweek Online

We are going to adjust the schedule of the Zoom classes to avoid too much happening online at the same time-- at church and maybe in your house. 



Birthdays and Anniversaries

Celebrate this week! Send a note!

  • Birthday: Erma Palmer, April 2

Others you may have missed since the quarantine:

  • Birthdays: John Body, March 17; Michelle McLeland, March 27; Cathy Witte, March 28; Kirk Miller, March 29

  • Anniversaries: Bob & Ruth Willits, March 29; Dave & Julie Schneider, March 30


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