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Covid-19: CBC Update 4/14/20

In this update:

  • Upcoming Scheduled Events

  • Local Love: HCHC Coffee

  • Office Update

Upcoming Scheduled Events

Member's Meeting

We originally had our quarterly member's meeting scheduled for this coming Sunday, 4/19. Under our current restrictions, we cannot meet to accomplish this. We will reschedule this when we are able to meet together again. It will be the second Sunday back (or later), so that we are able to adequately communicate about it. May Events May brings some special events that we are not yet certain about: Mother's Day, Baby Dedication, Senior's Night, etc. We are thinking about these and planning some potential options. Please stay tuned for details.


As far as we know, camp is still a go for this summer!  Check out the info for Youth Camps and Family Camps (Pastor Matt is the youth speaker at Family 5).

Counselors will need to fill out this form and turn it in by April 24.


Local Love: HCHC Coffee

We would love to partner together to encourage our local community in this crisis. While our area of the world may not have been affected as much as others (yet, or ever?), there are certainly still effects. And our local health care workers have been feeling a lot of that added stress. We would like to show them that we are thankful for their service to our community in the face of the stress, risk, and extra demands on them. We would like to sponsor free coffee for any HCHC worker next week, and we would like to invite you to contribute to that if you want to show love to them. Please designate your giving if you would like to be a part of this.


Office Update

During this pandemic, we have tried to implement some of the quarantine/mitigation recommendations here at the office, including working from home if/when possible (there is only so much of the office work that can be done from home).

Sara Campbell has begun working from home as much as possible, beginning last week. 

Brenda has begun working from home some weekdays, as we have been able to implement call-forwarding from the office. She will be receiving calls and working from home on Mondays and some Fridays.

Due to this and until further notice, the office (and building) will be closed on Mondays. It will still be open on Fridays, as one or more of the pastors will be in the office.

Emily Sloan was originally going to be done working part-time at the end of April, in anticipation of Baby Sloan being born, but the pandemic has moved up these plans and Emily has ended up ending her part-time work as of mid-March. We are very thankful for the many months that Emily worked in the office, serving the church and the rest of the office staff with many projects and tasks (often mundane) and with an encouraging, upbeat spirit. Please join us in thanking her for her ministry to us!


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