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Covid-19: CBC Update 4/3/20

In this update:

  • Sunday

  • Stay in Touch

  • Resources

  • Next Week


This Sunday, join again (or for the first time!) for our Sunday Service online. Download the bulletin to see the songs, Scripture, and sermon notes.

Stay in Touch

As many things as we have tried (and we haven't tried everything yet), it is likely that there are some people in our church that are still have not received our regular emails or are having difficulty getting all of the content online. 

We sent out mailers this week– hopefully you received one– to try to fill in some of those gaps. We also want anyone to contact us if they need help getting emails, watching Sunday Services online, or anything else.

This is especially important as we are looking ahead at 4 more weeks of this version of isolation and separation.


We are continuing to share some of the best resources for quarantine on our website. There are two new things to share with you this week, and we really encourage you to check them out.

Next Week

Next week is Passion Week! And while we are still limited in what we can do together, we want to encourage you to take time remembering the focal events of Jesus' life leading up to the cross, on the cross, in the tomb, and culminating in the resurrection Sunday!

To help you, instead of our regular devotional videos, we will be sharing videos created by Crossway narrating the events of each day of Jesus' life that week 2000 years ago (one per day). These videos are companions to a book, 'The Final Days of Jesus,' which Crossway has made available as a free download at this time. PDF|MOBI|EPUB

Also, we have been given permission to share this chart with you, which also shows the events of passion week. You can print this at home if you like, but the publisher has asked that we not share it outside our immediate church family.

Click for larger, or in white.

We look forward to a special Sunday Service online Easter Sunday– we will have a few extra songs and short devotional thoughts from each of the pastors. Perhaps you can enjoy an Easter breakfast in lieu of what we would have had together, too! 

And, whenever we are able to meet in person again, we are still planning to have a more full Easter celebration!


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